Solar power has been around quite literally for the entire history of the earth. Solar energy describes the energy emitted from the sun, a lot of which reaches earth in the form of light as well as heat. This short article investigates exactly how solar energy has been utilized through the years and takes a look at the various ways it is utilised in modern times.

The history of solar energy as well as the development of solar panels

Solar PowerThroughout history humanity and indeed all types of flora and fauna have taken advantage of solar energy. Light as well as heat energy generated by the sun has been used to heat water, dry fur or clothes and also to aid plants for example grow. Romans as well as Greeks alike used the sun’s rays for all types of inventions for example heating houses and baths! The fantastic thing about solar energy was that and indeed is dependable: it will constantly be there and will never run out for the conceivable future of humankind.

The limitations historical past has had to deal with however is that although solar energy may perform certain things, it could never be focused enough to do anything at all more useful. However, with the advent of the first solar panels it was suddenly feasible to make use of solar energy to generate electricity, making solar electrical energy infinitely more valuable! Through using photovoltaic cells light energy can be converted into electrical power. Whilst the first solar panels weren’t very efficient, todays solar panels power houses, businesses and villages! In truth solar panel installations have become essentially the most sought-after method of sustainable energy production across the UK and indeed the whole world. With solar panel installations now costing an average sized home around £10,000, a solar panel installation has become an accessible type of energy production for many. Especially when one considers the fiscal benefits which may also be gained in many European counties. In the UK for example as the system currently stands an average sized household can easily gain over £1000 in economic benefits annually! When one factors this into the reasons why the ancients cherished solar energy i.e. its dependability, you’ll be able to see why solar panels have grown to be such an exciting and popular technology.

how solar panels are used today

Many European countries are progressively turning to solar panels to meet their energy needs. In most cases solar panels are being used to create electricity to feed straight into household or industrial circuits. Once inside the system when you make use of your Television set or washing machine in the daytime you’ll be making use of the electrical power which your solar panels created. A more simplistic approach is that taken by many households in Greece, who apply solar panels principally for heating water. An additional use across Europe of a type that is becoming increasingly popular is using solar panels to power road signs. If you look properly in the UK and France for instance many road signs which light up or display information have solar panels connected up to them which are often visible. This greatly reduces energy bills, especially when one considers the amount of electronic road signs there are across Europe!

At the moment solar panels can simply change light energy into electrical power, but don’t yet have the capability to store energy and release it on demand. As it stands if you have a solar panel installation you will be using solar electricity throughout the day but not at night. The next move as well as the future for solar panels then will be a system in which light energy is changed into electricity and also stored so you will always be making use of free electrical power for those who have a solar panel installation!